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natures sprawling somewhere over (18)

Top: natures sprawling, oil on canvas; Bottom: remembering (2), monoprint on paper.


Sarah Hinckley is an advocate of process in art making. Although she has some idea in mind when she begins, the painting soon assumes a life of its own, an occurrence she respects and responds to stroke by stroke, shape by shape, color by color. Hinckley, a natural colorist, builds slowly, with deliberation, adjusting as the painting evolves. The process is uncertain, intuitive, but the element of surprise, of serendipitously finding something she wants... READ MORE

Cape Cod has long been a muse to artists. The thin curl of land jutting out from modern-day eastern Massachusetts was formed thousands of years ago by a melting glacier, and it later became the first strip of Western earth on which the Pilgrims set foot. These mythic ties, along with the dramatic beauty of its 10-foot tides, have imbued it with mystery. Each summer, painters flock to its beaches, easels in tow, to capture its color and light... READ MORE

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