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Most mornings I start the day with yoga. It is this very physical practice that enables me to enter the painting studio a few hours later with a clear mind. In Iyengar yoga we proceed in the asana slowly with the aim of listening to what our body has to offer up. Some days the practice is filled with aches and pains that shout out or a mind that chatters incessantly. If I am lucky, I will find moments when the thoughts melt away, the breath becomes quieter and the body moves into the alignment of the pose. The yoga practice brings a sense of order to my body and mind in the same way that painting and color can bring logic to my world.

My work is inspired from growing up on Cape Cod surrounded by color fields of water, marsh, beach and sky, and also by Rothko, Agnes Martin, 60's formalist color field painting and the method of Monet's late paintings. Recent inspirations can come while riding the subway, seeing the color of a jacket on someone while out and about, traveling, out in nature or while falling asleep at night and thinking about what I have going in my studio.

In my studio I have space for oil painting and watercolor. I go between mediums switching days allowing time for reflection and drying. I approach painting intuitively, constantly adjusting as clarity comes; most of the works take a few months to complete and some remain in conversation for a year or more. Certain elements can remain unresolved and the process slows. Patience is constantly being learned. I am incorporating two approaches while working; one, searching while painting; the second, writing out ideas and inspiration in a painting journal. The journal is important because I am not always able to work on an idea right away because drying is needed or other life commitments may come into play. I develop the color fields by putting down marks and editing them in or out depending on how I see it. This process of editing allows me the opportunity to continually search, be it a new direction, a new color relationship or something beautiful.

Mapping out ideas and inspirations from my world, bringing it all into the studio and then once involved, my challenge is to remain present, aware and open to all the possibilities that are happening with materials before me.

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