"Painting is how I know what I am thinking, feeling and where I am going. It is how I filter all that is in the world around me."

Photo: Margaret Neill

Photo: Margaret Neill

My earliest inspiration for painting came from my childhood on Cape Cod, surrounded by color fields of water, marsh, beach and sky.  Later, the works of Marc Rothko, Agnes Martin, Monet and the formalist painters of the 60's challenged my visual imagination and led me to explore greater depth in my paintings. I travel often and seek out art for inspiration... I find it in paintings, sculpture, architecture and in nature. Recently, observing and documenting classical sculpture has inspired a new body of work influenced by shapes and shadows.

I approach painting intuitively, mapping out ideas and inspiration into color fields and marks. I spend time editing them in and out. This process allows me to continually search for a new direction, a new color relationship, or something unexpected and beautiful. Certain elements remain open and unresolved, so my process slows. A painting can take several months to complete and there are always some that remain in conversation much longer. Patience, restraint and risk carry equal weight in my process. My challenge is to remain present, aware and open to all the possibilities that are happening with the materials before me.

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